Pastor Jose and Maribella Lopez

Pastor Jose became Lead Pastor at Kiestwood Church in September 2022.  Pastor Jose has a very unique background.  While he was born in Dallas, growing up was a bonafied "military brat."  He has traveled around the world with his parents throughout his upbringing.  Pastor Jose has been to Germany, all over Europe, and has lived in many of the states in the U.S.  Pastor Jose has a degree in Electrical Engineering and for 4 years served as an automation specialist.  Pastor Jose was saved in 1999.  Once he was saved about two years after that, began to hear the call in to ministry and left the technical industry and began to follow God's call on his life.  Pastor Jose is a Licensed Minister in the Assemblies of God.  He served as Children's Pastor at the Lighthouse for 15 years after which he was called to serve at Kiestwood under the service of Pastor Gordon Butler.    

Pastor Jose has a heart to reach the community that surrounds Kiestwood.  He has a passion for discipleship and bringing up leaders from the previous generations to join the battle to win souls for Jesus!

Pastor Jose and Maribella 'Bella' Lopez have been married for 26 years and have three children who serve along side him in ministry.  Alexia, Fabian, and Ezekiel.

Our Pastor